Life insurance is an important part of securing your family’s future.

When you’re planning to insure the future of your loved ones, turn to us. As experienced Florida life insurance agents, you can trust us to help you secure the best and most affordable life insurance plan for you and your family. After all, we are parents and grandparents too, we understand just how important your family is to you.

At Simmons Insurance, we’re committed to offering life insurance that meets yours and your loved ones needs, so you can have peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what really matters.

Your family is counting on you and you can count on us.

Renting a home, condo or apartment DOES NOT mean you don’t need insurance. You are not protected under the property owner’s policy. You need a Renters Insurance Policy.

Ask about insuring your personal property right away. Without renters insurance everything you own is at risk in the event of fire, theft, flood or any type of loss.

Homeowners Insurance only covers the building, not the tenants contents, of a rental property.

Contact us now for a free Renters Insurance quote. Discover just how affordable it is to protect your personal property with an affordable Renters Insurance Policy.

Learn more about renters insurance on our Insurance Help pages.

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We at Simmons Insurance understand what your bike means to you and we know you want the best motorcycle insurance you can afford. We want to help you find the best motorcycle insurance and at the best price.

There are numerous motorcycle insurance options available to protect you, your passengers,  your motorcycle and others you may encounter on the road. Your motorcycle insurance quotes will/may include:

  • Bodily injury to yourself, caused by an accident
  • Bodily injury to someone else that you accidentally caused while riding your motorcycle
  • Damage to your motorcycle caused by an accident
  • Vandalism, theft, fire and other losses to your motorcycle
  • more

Protect yourself, your motorcycle and your loved ones, call us for a quote on your motorcycle insurance today.

As us about insurance quotes for a factory-built motorcycle, classic motorcycle, custom motorcycle, motorscooter and other two or three-wheel vehicles including minibikes and trail bikes licensed for use on public roads.

How can we save you money on you motorcycle insurance? You may be qualified for discounts  you aren’t even aware are available to you. Speak with one of our knowledgeable agents now and ask them to help you get every discount on motorcycle insurance you deserve.

For explanations and definitions of insurance terms and coverages, visit the Insurance Help page.

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