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There are many unique laws and weather conditions that affect homeowners insurance in Florida. Most home insurance companies are Florida based and consumers have been forced into the state’s insurance program with little options. Additionally, most home insurance companies don’t provide the level of support needed to ensure customers are not only protected, but also receiving the lowest home insurance cost available to them.

At Simmons Insurance, we’re happy to help you set up your homeowners insurance policy!

We are proud to employ some of Florida’s top independent insurance agents; we hold ourselves to high standards and strive to find each customer the lowest home insurance cost without compromising on coverage. You may be surprised to find that even with companies like Citizens Insurance, you can obtain some discounts on your homeowners insurance and still remain protected.

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We do our best to make finding the lowest home insurance cost a smooth and easy process for each one of our customers. Our top-rated customer service personnel are reliable and here for you whenever you need them.

Whether you are a potential customer looking for a home insurance quote or one of our many returning clients who have been with us for years, we are always eager to help. Finding home insurance in Florida has many unique challenges to consider which means you need a unique solution that is customized to your individual needs.

Our agents work with you to get home insurance quotes from a variety of Florida’s top insurance companies so that you can learn more about what they each have to offer and feel confident with your decision. We only work with the very best home insurance companies in Florida who have proven time and again that they will be there support you if, and when, you need to file a claim.

And if that day comes, we will be here to support you every step of the way!